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    Hello! We are Kelly and Allison, best friends who are all about healthy living. We believe that one of the easiest and most important steps in living a less toxic lifestyle is using a human-safe cleaning soap. Enter Branch Basics! Although miles apart, Kelly in Virginia and Allison in Texas, we love to come together and share all the ways you can use this amazing soap!.

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  • Meal time clean up: From highchairs to cheeks!

    Posted by Branch Basics
    Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013


    20130720_JL_00204 copy


    Meal time just got much easier! Babies use their high chair trays as plates, so keeping them clean in a safe way is extremely important. You’ll love the way just a few sprays of Branch Basics wipes clean any and all foodstuff, no matter where on the highchair (or floor…or face!) it finds itself! When it comes to non-toxic cleaners, Branch Basics goes a step further and offers a human-safe all-purpose cleaner, meaning that if the product is accidentally ingested, it will not harm your babies. There are many non-toxic products that are biodegradable and environmentally safe, but they are not human-safe.

    How to Use: Spray the tray with all-purpose solution (1:5), let it sit for a few seconds and then wipe clean with a cloth. If you have a wooden high chair, we recommend diluting it (1:30 or more) to ensure that Branch Basics doesn’t strip the finish. Always test an inconspicuous area.

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